Revolutionize Your Membership Organisation With Premium Digital Credentials

The Benefits of Going Digital

These are some of the benefits that membership and governance organisations experience when they move to digital credentials:


Digital credentials are shared at a 10x rate compared to paper and pdf credentials. They are clickable and drive traffic to your site from a very relevant audience. Via Diplomasafe 22% on average share the good news on social media with 90% of those shared being shared on Linkedin.

Members’ experience

Members love the experience of being issued a digital badge and it has been shown to increase retention rates across membership bodies. Whereas previously, physical paper credentials would need to be manually signed and issued by snail mail – which can lead to them getting lost – digital credentials can be issued almost instantly, no matter where in the world a member is. They also can share their unique credential publicly with one or two clicks, allowing them to show off their membership – which also serves the dual purpose of additional exposure for your organisation!

Cost Effective & Eco Friendly

Not only do organisations save 80% on average when they switch from traditional paper credentials to digital, but they also provide an environmentally friendly alternative.

Security & Validation

With a true digital credential – not just a PDF – each badge/credential will have its unique digital signature. They are impossible to forge and can also be issued with a digital expiry date for memberships that must be renewed.
Open up international markets: By issuing credentials digitally, you can offer membership to people anywhere in the world who will have the same credential experience as your local members.

Here Is What Our Customers Are Saying About Diplomasafe

Case Study: ICA Increased Their Retention Rate On Fellows Memberships To 99% Since Switching To Digital Credentials!


  • Membership was solely determined by letters after members’ names. This was challenging because it could not be validated or policed in any way.
  • Members had no way to publicly showcase their credentials.
  • ICA used hard copy or pdf certificates and the process for providing these was time-consuming and manual.


  • So far, ICA has issued more than 35k unique digital badges to its members.
  • They have seen a large increase in social media presence due to students and members sharing their digital credentials. This subtly promotes ICA and raises its profile as a forward-thinking, modern governing body.
  • They have seen a reduction in their teams’ workload and support enquiries due to credentials. 
  • It’s revolutionised the membership experience. The digital credential issuing process has directly contributed to an increase in the retention of existing members. The retention rate at the top level of their membership is now 99%! 

Ready to revolutionize your credentials?