With Diplomasafe distribution, we make it easy for you to issue now or later. Planning in advance saves time. Distribute your credentials to learners in your own tone of voice and organisation colours and logo, manually, via uploads or via a fully automated process.

Customise emails

Be in charge of the message! With our email template builder you can customise the look and feel of the emails you send to your learners.

Customise everything from message to button colours, making it your own.

Distribution using excel

Uploading a file to our platform is made easy with our ”in your face” guide to assist you with right column names and data. Build your list in minutes an upload with a click.

If you are just issuing a few or reissuing to a learner, use the direct input form for easy distribution.

Automate via API

Connect Diplomasafe to your existing LMS, TMS, SIS or CRM system to fully automate creation and issuing of secure digital credentials to all your learners.

Via our REST API documentation site your team can easily connect your platform of choice to ours.