Empower Success with Advanced Digital Credentials

Benefits of Going Digital

Improve Learner Experience

Customers can easily add their credential to their LinkedIn profile, download a pdf version or share their credentials in an email as a link with potential employers or other verification bodies

Cost Effective & Eco Friendly

Organisations save 80% on average when they switch from traditional paper credentials to digital, they also provide an environmentally friendly alternative.

Open Up International Markets

By issuing credentials digitally, you can work with customers anywhere in the world who will have the same credential experience as your local customers.

Increase Brand Awareness

Digital credentials are shared at a 10x rate compared to paper and PDF credentials. They are clickable and drive traffic to your site from a very relevant audience.

Supports Skills-Based Learning

Digital credentials champion the rise of micro-credentials and digitally stacked skills. These credentials provide a clear, comprehensive display of individual abilities and learning journeys.

Security & Compliance

Each digital credentials has its own unique digital signature and is impossible to forge. It also allows you to keep up-to-date with the latest EU legislation.

Key Product Functions


Our advanced dashboard provides an insightful overview of all issued credentials, enabling data-driven strategic decisions.

Gain crucial insights into credential engagement and their influence on your website traffic

Template Creation

Effortlessly design credential templates with our intuitive tools, ensuring a quick and hassle-free process.

Customise templates to resonate with your institution’s brand identity, enhancing your professional image.


Flexibly issue credentials immediately or schedule them according to your timetable.

Personalise credentials with your organisation’s unique brand’s tone of voice for a distinctive and professional presentation.

Manage your credentials

Quickly modify, update, or revoke credentials to maintain up-to-date and accurate records.

Handle large volumes of credentials efficiently, ideal for institutions with an extensive number of receivers or programme participants.

One Click

Simplify the verification process with our secure, one-click system, ensuring ease of use and reliability.

Ensure global recognition and credibility with credentials complying with standards like Open Badges, EBSI, Europass, or Blockcerts, enhancing their acceptability across various educational and professional platforms.

Automate with
an API

Seamlessly integrate our platform with your existing systems for streamlined credential issuance.

Automate the credentialing process, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy.

Receive data via web hooks to access valuable information in real time via own administrative systems.

Case Studies

Higher Education


  • Secure and simple platform solution for issuing digital certificates.
  • Students love their new digital certificates and many of them are shared on social media (23% so far), giving free exposure to the college.
  • Significant time saving to the certificate issuing process, especially for International students and the reissuing of certificates was very easy.

Professional Membership Body, Training & Coaching


  • ICA has issued more than 35k unique digital badges to its members.
  • They have seen a large increase in social media presence due to students and members sharing their digital credentials. This raises its profile as a forward-thinking, modern governing body.
  • They have seen a reduction in their teams’ workload and support enquiries due to credentials.
  • Diplomasafe has directly contributed to a 99% retention rate at the top level of their membership.

Business Consulting
& Services


  • Digital credential process through Diplomasafe takes minutes rather than hours!
  • Certificates now look more professional and this process positions Crecea as a forward-thinking organisation that embraces new technologies.
  • Dedicated support person at Diplomasafe on hand just in case Crecea has any queries about the credentials process.

Ready to revolutionize your credentials?

Embrace the Future of Skill Verification with Digital Credentials

If you’re responsible for issuing credentials at a Higher Education Institution and tired of the old-fashioned, manual, expensive processes, this video is for you!

Every academic year, you go through the same process and it takes hours and hours of manual work to organise and issue digital credentials to all of your students.

You might be in The Registrar’s office, Student Services,  IT Department or Administration and you’re finding the current challenges with the way you’re issuing credentials:


The typical cost per paper credentials can be as high as 75-100 EUR, this can stack up if you’re issuing thousands of credentials as an organisation!


PDF and paper credentials are hard to share with your network and on your LinkedIn profile as proof of your newly attained skills. They are not clickable and drive little to none traffic to your website!

Security & Compliance

Paper diplomas are easily forged. Even with a PDF solution – which is only halfway to a truly digital credential. Your paper version credentials do not support any of the digital credential standards for verification.

Manual, Lengthy Process

It involves manual processes and checks. It also means that the process takes much longer than is needed, which has an impact on the student experience. The creation, manual checks, printing, packing, posting, handling return to sender, and manually verifying requests from recruiters.

Skills-based Hiring

Your paper credentials are not supporting the shift in the job market which is shifting from degree based hiring to skills based hiring, leaving students with an asset that is difficult to assess.