Developed by experts in digital security.

With Diplomasafe, you’re getting more than digital credentials that’s tailor-made for future-ready educational brands – you also get trustworthy digital security, developed by experts.

We know how to keep credentials safe and verifiable
According to the FBI, credentials fraud is a 2 billion dollar business. That’s why it matters who develops your digital credentials.

Through crypto technology, we at Diplomasafe have built a software platform that educational organisations can use to issue digital credentials, replacing the traditional paper format that unfortunately is all too easy to tamper with.

Diplomasafe is founded by people who have previously worked with and developed the security and privacy layer in NemID, the Danish national digital identity solution. In other words, we are experts in keeping information and verified credentials safe from fraud and tampering in a time of hacking and online scams.

Diplomasafe is always


Strong ethics is at the core of our company. We respect honesty and hard work, and has zero tolerance towards fraud. Credential fraud is a significant problem that needs to be solved on a global scale.


We are consistently visionary in what we do. We believe that credentials should follow the opportunities and standards that come with the digital age – both of today and in the future


Our company wants to ensure undoubted trust in digital credentials. We value the time spent on education and bettering hard and soft skills, so we demand complete trustworthiness of ourselves to deliver as a credible partner to all education institutions and their learners.

Empowerment through easy, safe and worldwide verifiable digital credentials

Today, everything begins with credibility. Your credibility as an educational brand and your learners’ credibility when applying for jobs, using the knowledge they’ve gained while studying with you.

Diplomasafe provides a platform that empowers educational organisations by helping them to issue verifiable digital credentials, making both your learners and your brand more credible.

Diplomasafe’s mission is: To empower educational organisations with a platform to issue worldwide verifiable proof of education to their learners and to empower learners with trustworthy credentials they can use globally.

Diplomasafe’s vision is: To be the number 1 partner for everyone issuing credentials, assisting them in the fight against credential fraud. Credential fraud is a global problem and at Diplomasafe we aim to be an integral and trustworthy part of the solution. We put security and strong ethics at the centre of our work, ensuring that clients, students, recruiters, and employees can trust us and our products.

Meet the founders

Peter Lind Damkjær


Peter is our CTO M.Sc. working every day to develop and secure our position in the credential space with his devotion to making world class software. Peter has more than 25 years of experience in cryptology, and large scale electronic identity solutions. He played a key role in deploying several Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) for KMD, TDC and Nets, including digital signature pilots in 1990’s up to the NemID infrastructure with more than 4 million users. Peter has a technical background with deep insight in X.509 and related technologies and experience in transforming the knowledge into business opportunities. Furthermore Peter is educated within good data privacy practice and holds a degree from Syddansk Universitet in Mathematics and Computer Science. Peter is a father of 2 and when needing to relax he enjoys an early kayak ride on the fjords of Vejle.

Kim Steenkjær Mortensen


Kim is our CRO, responsible for our marketing, communication and sales worldwide and also a contributor to the commercial product roadmap. Kim has more than 17 years of experience within the SaaS, consulting and IT Infrastructure business, where he was a key contributor in the growth and scaling of Komfo in 2017, making it ready for a successful exit.. Kim’s experience with building a SaaS operation is rather handy, enabling us to build not only great products, but also a great culture and lean structures and processes. Kim is an Autodidact and holds no formal degree other than lifelong learning from doing. Kim is father of 2 and a foodie at heart, he loves to cook and experiment with new dishes and wine compilations that he serves to friends and family in his house in Copenhagen.

Mikkel Egehave


Mikkel is the CEO of Diplomasafe, administrating our offices, from the HQ in Copenhagen to our product development team in Sofia and our commercial team in Vilnius. Since the early 2000 Mikkel has dedicated his professional career to starting & establishing new projects within SaaS, Consulting, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and payment infrastructure solutions. His specific knowledge within PKI and SaaS carved the idea that created and launched Diplomasafe in 2018 to fight credential fraud. Mikkel holds a degree from Copenhagen Business School in International Business. Mikkel is a father of 3 and a golf geek, so you will sometimes find him caddying for his son on a rainy day.

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