Product and functions

All the functions you would expect to create great looking, shareable credentials to all your learners. Diplomasafe makes it easy for you to make verified credentials from day one! To experience how the solution works, you will find some key functions illustrated below.

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Get a complete overview and manage your issued credentials with the tracking and analytics dashboard, enabling you to take action based on data rather than assumptions.

The simple statistics supply you with the knowledge of which credentials drive traffic to your site and an understanding of credential lifetime value.

Your knowledge hub
Get the full overview or extract data for a specific course or training to learn about your claim rate per course, instructor or accumulated results over time.

Credentials overview

Keep track overall or drill down to a specific course or training to learn about your claim rate per course, per instructor or over time.

Keep track of PDF downloads, to understand how your learners utilise their digital credentials.

Social media sharing

Track your social media performance with our user interaction section. Track shares from your learners on most popular social media channels for sharing of badges and credentials.

Analyse how your brand performs through your best ambassadors, your learners!

Track your online traffic

Stay updated on credential views and how much site traffic each credential drives to your website.

Use the knowledge to turn visitors into new learners.