If you do not accept the terms below, you shall not use the services provided by Diplomasafe.

Use of Our Service
Diplomasafe provides a service for managing digital diplomas for course providers and students.
Anyone of the age of 16 or more can create an account and use our service upon acceptance of this agreement.

Duties and Rights
When you create a user account and update information associated with your account, you must provide the correct user data, including your correct name and email address. You are responsible for keeping your user data up to date.

You are required to protect access credentials (passwords, etc.) which gives access your user account and you may not share your account with others.

You have the right to share, hide and delete your activated diplomas. Please note that deleted diplomas cannot be restored but will require the issuer to generate a new diploma.

Diplomasafe can block a user account if abuse has been detected or if there is a reason to suspect abuse.

Personal Data
By using Diplomsafe’s services, you explicitly agree that Diplomasafe may process your personal data in order to handle your digital diplomas. Diplomasafe processes your personal data in accordance with our published privacy statement.

In addition, Diplomasafe may collect information about your behavior on our website for statistical purposes and for the purpose of improving our website and the user experience.

You accept that Diplomasafe may contact you via the contact data including the email address that you have registered with us.

For further information about the personal information we collect about you and the controls we have implemented to protect your personal data, please refer to our privacy statement.

Intellectual Properties
Diplomasafe has the rights to the provided service.

All logos, names, trademarks etc. on Diplomasafe’s websites belong to Diplomasafe or our partners.

The website content such as text, graphics, icons, images and software belongs to either Diplomasafe or our business partners and is protected under copyright law and other laws.

Downloading and another digital copying of the website content or parts thereof is only permitted for personal, non-commercial use unless otherwise agreed with the Diplomasafe.

Unless otherwise stated, the course provider has copyrights for issued and activated diplomas, but we have ensured that you always have the right to copy and share the diplomas.

If you believe your copyrights are infringed on one of Diplomasafe’s services, please contact Diplomasafe.

Limitation of Liability
Information on Diplomasafe’s websites is provided without any express or implied warranty of its accuracy or completeness.

Diplomasafe is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the diplomas issued or for the quality of the underlying courses.

Diplomasafe is not liable for any loss due to operational disruptions that prevent your or others’ use of our services.

Diplomasafe is not liable for any loss caused by your or others’ inability to use our services, including errors in your equipment or your internet connection.

Diplomasafe is not liable for any loss as a result of legal action or force majeure.

If Diplomasafe links to a third party’s website, Diplomasafe is without responsibility for the content of the website that is linked to.

Legislation and Disputes
This agreement is subject to and interpreted in accordance with Danish law.

Disputes, claims or disagreements that may arise between you and the Diplomasafe in relation to this agreement must be settled by the Court of Copenhagen.

However, you as a consumer have the right to seek any disputes settled by the district court at the place where you have residence or jurisdiction.

If the Diplomasafe ceases to provide you with an offered service, you will be notified at least 2 months in advance via the email address you have provided.

Diplomasafe may change these terms at any time. Changes will be announced on the Diplomasafe website.

You are always welcome to contact us regarding our service via e-mail, telephone or conventional mail

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