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Cambridge Marketing College: “Diplomasafe just made it easy

ICA: 99% Retention Rate On Fellows Memberships Since The Digital Credentials launch!

Crecea: Credential Issuing Process
That Used To Take Hours Now Takes Seconds!

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Cambridge Marketing College streamlined their certificate-issuing process and improved the experience for their international students.

Previously burdened by expensive, time-consuming physical certificates, they now use a secure digital solution that is both efficient and authentic. With 23% of certificates shared on social media, the college gains free exposure.

ICA achieved a remarkable 99% Retention Rate On Fellows Memberships Since The Digital Credentials launch!

Prior to this transformation, validating credentials was a challenge, and members couldn’t showcase them publicly. Now, with over 35k digital badges issued, ICA enjoys increased social media presence, reduced workload, and a more streamlined member experience

The Technical University of Denmark achieved significant efficiency and cost savings by transitioning from paper to digital credentials through Diplomasafe.

Previously, the slow, manual process took six weeks and was limited to local students. Now, it takes just one week, allowing for international student engagement. DTU has also reduced costs by 80% and gained increased exposure through social media.

Discover how Garuda, a Danish HR consulting company, reduced costs, enhanced security, and gained free marketing with digital credentials.

Previously using PDF certificates, they faced security issues and manual processes. With digital credentials, 90% of students view their certificates, 25% share them on LinkedIn, and 15% create posts, providing free marketing. The process is more cost-effective, efficient, and secure.

The Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) transformed their credential-issuing process, from taking an entire day to just 5 seconds.

TIP has transitioned from manual,
paper-based methods to a secure, and efficient digital credential solution.

This solution saves printing and
shipping costs as well as enhances
security through blockchain encryption.

Crecea’s training program transitioned from a time-consuming manual credential issuing process to near-instant digital issuance through Diplomasafe.

Previously taking 1-2 hours per course, the new process takes minutes, saving over 200 hours annually.

The modern design enhances professionalism and aligns Crecea with cutting-edge technology.

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