Case Study:
Cambridge Marketing College

Cambridge Marketing College is a higher education institution providing marketing and PR qualifications and apprenticeships. They’re based in Cambridge, UK, and serve learners from all over the world.


  • Very cumbersome certificate-issuing process that involved printing, signing, and sending physical certificates all over the world every year.
  • This was very expensive and time-consuming and became increasingly difficult as the institution grew.
  • International students had challenges proving their qualifications were genuine and needed a way to verify the authenticity of the certificates. 
  • Needed a secure, trackable, and simple digital solution.


  • Secure and simple platform solution for issuing digital certificates.
  • Students love their new digital certificates and many of them are shared on social media (23% so far), giving free exposure to the college.
  • Significant time saving to the certificate issuing process, especially for International students and the reissuing of certificates was very easy.
  • Excellent support and true partnership – “Diplomasafe just made it easy!”

More Higher-Education Case Studies

Technical University of Denmark

DTU achieved significant efficiency and cost savings by transitioning from paper to digital credentials through Diplomasafe.

Previously, the slow, manual process took six weeks and was limited to local students. Now, it takes just one week, allowing for international student engagement. With digital credentials, DTU has also reduced costs by 80% and gained increased exposure through social media

Technological Institute of the Philippines

TIP transformed their credential-issuing process, taking an entire day to just 5 seconds. TIP has transitioned from manual, paper-based methods to a streamlined, secure, and efficient digital credential solution provided by Diplomasafe.

This solution not only saves printing and shipping costs but also enhances security through blockchain encryption.

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