Case Study:
Technological Institute of The Philippines

The Technical Institute of the Philippines (TIP) is an esteemed educational institution offering a wide range of technical and vocational programs. Located in the Philippines, TIP attracts students from various backgrounds and provides them with quality education and practical skills.


  • Used to issue physical credentials and documents manually. This was an inefficient and inconvenient process that could take up to a full day.
  • Students would regularly request copies which meant that the TIP team would need to manually find the certificate in archives, make a copy, and post it to the student.
  • Paper credentials were not unique or encrypted and so fraud was possible. Also not able to track the credentials after issuing.
  • Had been using a digital credential provider but the solution was not comprehensive enough and TIP was introduced to Diplomasafe by another University.


  • The credential-issuing process takes only 5 seconds! 
  • No need for any physical documents which has saved the cost of printing and shipping physical documents. 
  • Digital credentials are fully encrypted using blockchain technology and are verifiable, increasing security.
  • The credentials are easily accessible for students if – for example – they are required to share with their employer.
  • Certificates are trackable and TIP can access how many have been claimed and then shared on social media.

More Higher-Education Case Studies

Cambridge Marketing College streamlined their certificate-issuing process and improved the experience for their international students through Diplomasafe.

Previously burdened by expensive, time-consuming physical certificates, they now use a secure digital solution that is both efficient and authentic. With 23% of certificates shared on social media, the college gains free exposure.

DTU achieved significant efficiency and cost savings by transitioning from paper to digital credentials through Diplomasafe.

Previously, the slow, manual process took six weeks and was limited to local students. Now, it takes just one week, allowing for international student engagement. With digital credentials, DTU has also reduced costs by 80% and gained increased exposure through social media

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