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Processing of Personal Data
All our processing of personal data takes place in data centers located within EU / EEA countries. We use the significant subcontractor:
Amazon Web Service

What Data do We Collect?
The data we use about you, if you have a profile in Diplomasafe, includes:

– E-mail address
– Educational and course information
– Social medial profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.)

In addition, we collect data in connection with your use of our websites. This data is not associated with your profile. Data includes:
– IP-address
– Operation system
– Display resolution
– Browser type

See also the section “About Cookies” for information on the use of cookies.

Relevance of collected data
We only collect data which is relevant and necessary to provide a service for managing your digital diplomas.

Data Quality
We seek a high data quality. If errors are found in the data, we will correct them as soon as possible. However certain data (including data in diplomas) only the course provider can correct data. Inquiries regarding errors in the digital diplomas must therefore be addressed to the specific course provider. The course provider can then request the Diplomasafe to block your digital diploma and issue a new diploma with the correct information.

Purpose of Data Collection
We collect your personal data to allow you to receive, manage, share and control issued digital diplomas as well as provide course providers statistics on the use of issued digital diplomas.

Data collected in connection with your use of our websites is used solely for visitor statistics and analysis in order to improve our service. However, data can also be used for investigation in connection with abuse and security incidents.

Use and Transfer of Data
Your personal data will only be used for the purpose for which they were collected, and we will not disclose personal data to third parties other than general statistics except if you give your consent.

However, your personal data may be sent on to third parties (“data processors”) who process data on our behalf. These third parties only process your personal information according to instructions from us as data controllers.

We may also disclose on your personal data to authorities if there is a legal basis in law, regulation or after order from a public authority e.g. we may disclose data to law enforcement based on a court order.

We have adopted internal information security rules that contain instructions and controls that protect your personal data from being destroyed, lost, or altered. We have controls to protect against unauthorized disclosure and access.

Your personal data is stored and processed in data centers that are physically located in EU / EEA countries and which are certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001 security standard.

Your Rights

At any time, you are entitled to know which of your personal data we process, where they originated from and how we use them. You are also entitled to know how long we keep your personal data and who receives data about you, to the extent that we transfer on your data.

In case of data security breaches that have consequences for you, we are obliged to notify you. This is done via the email address you registered with us.

You have the right and the opportunity to correct errors and inaccuracies in the personal data we process about you. We encourage you always to keep your registered data including your e-mail address updated.

In some cases, we will have an obligation to delete your personal data. If you believe that your data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which we obtained it, you may request it be deleted. You can also contact us if you believe your personal data is being processed in violation of law or other legal obligations. Or if you want to revoke your consent.

For security reasons, however, it is not possible for you to correct any errors a digital diploma. If you find an error, you should contact your course provider, who will block the inaccurate diploma and issue a new one.

If you submit a request to correct or delete your personal data, we will investigate whether the conditions are met
and, if necessary, make changes or deletions as soon as possible.

Challenging our Processing of Your Personal Data
You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data and the right to have your objection handled by us. If your objection is justified, we will cease processing your personal data.

Opposition to our Processing of Your Personal Data
You can file a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Authority, Datatilsynet, if you believe that we treat your data in violation of the law or without your consent or other legal basis. However, we encourage you to contact us first in order to settle the dispute.

The contact data of the Danish Data Protection Authority:
Borgergade 28,5
DK-1300 København K

Tlf.: (+45) 33 19 32 00
Fax: (+45) 33 19 32 18

Deletion of Personal Data
We store your personal data as long as you are a registered user of the system.

You may at any time delete your digital diplomas from the system. However, you must be aware that issued digital diplomas cannot be verified once they are deleted from the system and that we do not have the opportunity to restore deleted digital diplomas.

You may be deleted as a user by contacting us. If you are delete as user all personal data including digital diplomas is deleted. Personal data will be deleted without undue delay. However, any log data including logging of IP addresses for security reasons will be deleted within 6 months.

We may delete you as a user (including your personal data) if you no longer have valid diplomas and have not been logged in for more than 5 years.

Our processing of your personal data always relies on your acceptance during registration.

You always have the right to revoke a consent. If you withdraw your consent and are our processing of your personal data based on your consent, we will cease processing your personal data.

About Cookies

Purpose and Relevance
We use several cookies on our websites for the solution to work. For example, cookies are used to remember settings and to keep a session between your browser and the solution.

In addition, we use cookies to optimize and improve your experience of the website and the solution through collecting statistics on the use of our websites.

Overview of Used Cookies
An overview of cookies used is available through our website

Your Management of Cookies
You can delete and/or block cookies. You can find instructions on how to manage cookies in our overview of cookies. If you delete or block cookies, you cannot be guaranteed to have access to the full functionality of the solution.