Here’s How to Add a Certificate to Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile should be a representation of your professional life. It is there that you’ll post about your achievements throughout your career, make connections and even look for future opportunities.

Your page also plays a role as a digital resume. Companies often ask for the URL of LinkedIn profiles. They expect employees to use their space to keep everyone updated about their achievements and act as ambassadors for the business they work for. 

Editing the page is simple, but you might have questions about what to include and how to ensure your certifications are adequately featured. This article will guide you through the process of adding certificates, licences and certifications to your LinkedIn profile and answer any questions you may have about how to make your page stand out.

What information to add to your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for people looking for a job or aiming to change their careers. It is also a great tool to create thought leadership and showcase your expertise, which can help you stand out in your current position. With a detailed profile, you can increase your chances of getting noticed. The page should be treated like a resume featuring your work experience, academic background, and certifications.

Ensure you provide all the necessary information regarding the companies you worked for, your responsibilities and the projects you developed. 

When it comes to credentials like diplomas, certificates, licenses and certifications, you can create a section on your page dedicated to these documents. If the institution you attended also provides digital certification, it is also possible to add those to your profile, making it easier for future employers to check your credentials.

How to edit your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn makes it very easy to edit your profile. Start by clicking on “Me” at the top right corner of your page. You will then reach your profile page.

Then, you should click on “add section” and “recommended” to find the “licences and certifications category”.

In this section, you will be able to add the name of the certification you received, the institution that issued it. You can also add the credential’s expiration date or the date it was issued.

The information you provide in this profile section will help colleagues and future employees verify your academic background, training and specialisations. Make sure what you add in this section is relevant, credible, and traceable so as to not hurt your reputation.

Digital Licences and certifications

Some institutions provide digital licences and certifications, issuing an ID or URL you can also add to this section of your LinkedIn profile. 

Digital credentials provide an extra layer of credibility and security for future employers. By clicking on the link, badge or certification you have listed on your profile, recruiters can check the authenticity and relevance of the institution that issued the certificate. 

Suppose this is not an option for any of the credentials you have. For instance, you might have graduated long ago or studied in an institution that has yet to migrate to digital credentials. You can temporarily solve this issue by uploading a PDF version of your diploma or certificate into a cloud-based service such as Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox. Simply upload the file and create a URL you can add to LinkedIn.

Although not as credible as a digital certificate, this solution is an excellent way of showing you are not faking a credential or lying about a licence. After all, presenting yourself as an honest and serious professional is just as important as presenting yourself as someone capable of performing a job.

Add New Certification

Once you have this section of your profile all set up, you can easily add more credentials as soon as you acquire them.

Click on the editing button of the section you created and add new certificates following the same steps listed above.

Why keep your certifications up-to-date

Keeping your LinkedIn updated is invaluable. The site is an excellent tool for making professional connections and developing your career. So why not make sure all your certifications are included in your profile?

Adding your credentials is a way of showing your progress and your dedication to your craft. It can signal your interest in a career shift and how you prepare for that. Keeping your profile updated can be essential if you are looking for a job or at least interested in getting offers. According to LinkedIn, more than 58 million companies are registered on the platform, and eight people are hired every minute thanks to the social network. 

Having your credentials listed – and properly linked – can also generate leads for the company you work for, increasing your network and making you stand out as an expert on your field.  

Creating a licences and certifications section on LinkedIn is extremely easy, and so is updating it regularly. Elevate your professional profile by making sure it reflects the current stage of your career and professional life.