Diplomasafe vs Accredible: Which Is Better?

There are many things to consider when choosing a digital credential platform. There are also many different services available in the market, which can make this decision even harder.

In this article, we will look into what we at Diplomasafe offer and what Accredible offers. By examining these two options, you can make a better-informed decision on what suits your business and your needs better.

What is Accredible?

Accredible is a software platform that specialises in providing credentialing and certification services. 

It offers tools and solutions for organisations and educational institutions to issue, manage, and verify digital credentials and certificates. 

Accredible allows organisations to create digital versions of various credentials and certificates, including diplomas, certificates of completion, badges, and more. Users can also customise the design and branding of their digital credentials to align with their organisation’s identity. 

Accredible uses advanced security features to ensure the authenticity of digital credentials. Recipients and employers can easily verify the validity of these credentials online.

Accredible vs. Diplomasafe

In order to compare both services, let’s look at some of the key features and factors you should consider when choosing a digital credentialing platform such as Diplomasafe and Accredible. 

Remember that the specific needs of your organisation will play a significant role in determining which digital credentialing platform is the best fit. Conduct thorough research, request demos or trials, and engage in discussions with platform representatives to ensure that your chosen solution meets your organisation’s requirements.

Security and authenticity

Both Accredible and DiplomaSafe prioritise security and authenticity in their digital credentialing solutions, but the specific security features and approaches may vary between the two platforms. 

Accredible typically employs advanced encryption methods to ensure the security of digital credentials. This helps protect the integrity of the data and makes it difficult for unauthorised parties to access or tamper with the credentials.

Digital credentials issued by Accredible often include authentication features that make it challenging for individuals to counterfeit or manipulate digital credentials.

One of Diplomasafe’s key features is the use of blockchain technology to enhance the authenticity of digital credentials. This provides a decentralised and tamper-resistant method for verifying the legitimacy of certificates and badges.

With blockchain technology, recipients and organisations can be sure their credentials are tamper-proof and easily verifiable. 

Customisation and branding

Accredible is known for offering extensive customisation options, allowing organisations to tailor the design and branding of digital credentials to their specific preferences.

Companies working with Accredible have access to a variety of pre-designed templates that organisations can choose from, making it easier to create visually appealing certificates and badges.

With every package Diplomasafe offers, clients can customise the design of their badges and credentials. Clients have full control over the design aspects of digital credentials, such as fonts, colours, and backgrounds. 

Our design builder allows you to customise diplomas to fit your brand and include the information you wish to promote in an easy and efficient way. 


When choosing a digital credential service, it is important to consider how it integrates with your current Learning Management System (LMS) or other learning tool you might use. 

Both Accredible and Diplomasafe offer integration options, but the extent and specifics of integration capabilities may vary between the two platforms. 

Accredible provides integrations with popular Learning Management Systems (LMS), making it easier for educational institutions to seamlessly incorporate digital credentialing into their existing online learning environments.

Diplomasafe provides custom integration solutions tailored to the specific needs of educational institutions and organisations. We offer API access for organisations to build custom integrations with their systems, ensuring a more efficient credentialing process.

Analytics and reporting

Both Accredible and Diplomasafe offer analytics and reporting features.

Accredible offers insights into recipient engagement, number of users, and number of designs.

Diplomasafe offers several analytics and reporting tools, but the depth and breadth of these features may vary depending on the specific services and packages selected.

Our platform may provide insights into how recipients interact with their digital credentials, including views, shares, and downloads. Organisations are also able to generate custom reports to extract specific data relevant to their objectives.

Our dashboard provides a complete overview of analytics related to issued credentials. This means your organisation can monitor how many people are viewing the credentials issued by you, and what are the estimated earnings thanks to these views.

Furthermore, through our credential management overview, you have access to all issued credentials, which allows you to review, edit or revoke diplomas and badges.


The cost of using Accredible and Diplomasafe for digital credentialing can vary widely based on factors such as the specific features you need, the number of credentials you plan to issue, and the level of customisation required. Both Accredible and Diplomasafe offer various pricing tiers and packages to accommodate different organisational needs. 

The best way of approaching this aspect of the comparison is to contact both companies to discover how they can meet your needs. 


User-friendliness is an essential aspect to consider when evaluating digital credentialing platforms like Accredible and Diplomasafe. The ease of use can significantly impact how efficiently you can issue, manage, and share digital credentials. 

Accredible has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Users, including administrators, issuers, and recipients, often find it straightforward to use.

However, the platform typically places a strong emphasis on the recipient experience, making it easy for individuals to access, share, and showcase their digital credentials.

Here at Diplomasafe, we are focused on customisation. We ensure that recipients can access and share their digital credentials with ease, and the way you use the platform or the information you can access depends on your needs and requirements.

Our credential management overview is easy to use and allows you to find credentials by templates, name, email or ID of recipients.

With customisation, you can make the platform as simple or as complex as you’d like. 

Global accessibility

Both Accredible and Diplomasafe have international reach, and their digital credentials can be accessed and verified from virtually anywhere in the world.

With Diplomasafe, organisations are able to issue digital credentials in multiple languages to cater to a diverse global audience.


While both Accredible and Diplomasafe offer a variety of tools and resources for organisations to issue credentials, Diplomasafe provides a more significant level of customisation and security.

Through blockchain technology, we ensure that credentials are easily shareable and accessible while also being tamper-proof.

Our customisation features allow companies to tailor our services to their specific needs, integrating our platform into their LMS, collecting the most relevant data for their businesses and designing credentials that are perfect for their recipients.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help and to discover how our tools can be applied to your necessities.