Reduced cost per certificate, improved security, and free marketing with digital credentials

Gardua: Long-standing HR consulting company based in Denmark that teaches courses and offers certifications for HR professionals.


  • Old-fashioned process of issuing a PDF certificate via email. 
  • This led to security issues – since PDFs are easy to forge – and also meant that Garuda could not withdraw a certificate if the student was no longer certified, which happens from time to time.
  • Certificate issuing was very manual and took longer than needed.
  • Wanted to be considered as a forward-thinking organisation that embraces digital transformation.


  • 90% of students viewed the certificate and 25% placed it on their LinkedIn profile, 15% have made a post as well. This is free marketing for Garuda and raises its brand in the marketplace.
  • Cost saving: EUR 1.50 cheaper per certificate even after platform fees.
  • Reduces administrative load now that issuing certificates is almost instantaneous, and can be scheduled in advance if necessary. The integration between CRM and the Diplomasafe platform has made the issuing process effortless. 
  • Improved security and safety now that each student has a unique, verifiable credential.

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