Learning Management System Integration With Diplomasafe

In this blog, we have previously discussed what is a Learning Management System (LMS), the benefits of implementing one, and what it is used for. 

LMS can be extremely beneficial when managing online courses and integrating students. One of the main advantages of these systems is how customisable they can be, adapting to your needs and the requirements of your students.

In this article, we will discuss how you can integrate your LMS with Diplomasafe’s system, successfully issuing, claiming, and revoking credentials. Furthermore we will discuss how you can set up your system to retrieve events happening in Diplomasafe’s system as they occur. Keep reading to learn more about our interfaces. 


REST API stands for Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface and is a set of rules for designing and interacting with web services. 

To integrate Diplomasafe’s system and your LMS using the API, understand how your courses and diplomas are modelled in the system, paying special attention to how templates work and the potential elements included in the document. 

Diploma issuing

The API supports all the necessary handles to make a successful integration. You can choose to make a full integration such that you basically never need to access Diplomasafe’s administrative user interface or you can focus on integrating key features which will save time for a minimal effort.

The REST API is fully documented and on top Diplomasafe provides tools like sample generators to decrease the development time to a minimum.

You will have the support of our team integrating our system into your LMS, ensuring that operations are smooth. 


A webhook is a mechanism that allows one system or application to send real-time data or notifications to another system or application. It enables event-driven communication between different software components, typically over the internet. 

In the educational context, webhooks can be used to notify when events are occurring.


Webhook configuration can be managed by the menu “Organisations” in Diplomasafe’s administrative interface. In this section, you will be able to configure the webhook endpoint, email addresses that must receive notifications, and filter relevant events. 

Event types

Through webhooks, you can set up notifications when a diploma is issued, edited, updated, claimed, revoked, expired, or deleted. 

It is also possible to set up notifications for emails, such as if a diploma is sent, if reminder emails are sent, or if an email template is set to expire. 

Event notifications can also be triggered by users sharing diplomas and certificates on social media. 

Why integrate your LMS to Diplomasafe’s system

Integrating a Learning Management System with our system can offer several benefits:

Streamlined workflow

It can streamline the entire process of creating, verifying, and distributing diplomas. This automation reduces manual data entry and administrative overhead, resulting in more efficient operations.

Accuracy and data consistency

Manual data entry can lead to errors and inconsistencies in diploma issuance. Integration ensures that the data entered in the LMS, such as student records and course completion information, is automatically and accurately transferred to the diploma system. This reduces the risk of issuing incorrect diplomas.

Faster diploma processing

With integration, the diploma issuing process can be initiated as soon as a student completes their program or course. This means that students can receive their diplomas more quickly, improving overall satisfaction.

Enhanced security

Data security is crucial in education. Integration can help maintain the security of student records and diploma issuance by reducing the need for manual handling of sensitive information. Access controls and encryption can be applied to ensure data protection.

Reduced administrative burden

Manually generating and distributing diplomas can be time-consuming and labour-intensive for administrators. Integration automates many of these tasks, freeing up staff to focus on other important responsibilities.

Improved record keeping

Integration allows for the automatic transfer of diploma records into both the LMS and the diploma system. This ensures that a comprehensive record of student achievements is maintained in a centralised and consistent manner.

Competitive advantage

An institution that can efficiently issue diplomas and maintain accurate student records may have a competitive edge in attracting and retaining students.

Final thoughts

Learning Management Systems can be highly customisable according to your needs and what your students require. For this reason, we have created easy and flexible ways to integrate our system into your LMS, ensuring you get all of the benefits of integration without having to compromise on what really matters to your business.

Setting up our REST API or our Webhooks are easy processes, and you can always find the help you need by reaching out to us. 
Contact us to learn more about the tools we have available and how to best enhance the experience of your students.