Credential Issuing Process Has Gone From One Day To 5 Seconds!

Technical Institute of Philippines.


  • Used to issue physical credentials and documents manually. This was an inefficient and inconvenient process that could take up to a full day.
  • Students would regularly request copies which meant that the TIP team would need to manually find the certificate in archives, make a copy, and post it to the student.
  • Paper credentials were not unique or encrypted and so fraud was possible. Also not able to track the credentials after issuing.
  • Had been using a digital credential provider but the solution was not comprehensive enough and TIP was introduced to Diplomasafe by another University.


  • The credential-issuing process takes only 5 seconds! 
  • No need for any physical documents which has saved the cost of printing and shipping physical documents. 
  • Digital credentials are fully encrypted using blockchain technology and are verifiable, increasing security.
  • The credentials are easily accessible for students if – for example – they are required to share with their employer.
  • Certificates are trackable and TIP can access how many have been claimed and then shared on social media.

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