Shareable certificates that grow your educational brand

Simply put, Diplomasafe develops trustworthy digital certificates that work brilliantly as a free marketing and branding channel for your educational business.

A direct channel to like-minded
Our idea is that every learner from your courses knows other people that might be interested in your educational offers. So why not supplement your traditional advertising channels in a new and effective way, targeting like-minded prospects directly, generating online traffic and recruiting new learners?

It’s really quite easy. In addition to the obvious details about the learner’s courses and qualifications, you can use the certificate template to spread your organisation’s core values and marketing messages, even adding direct links to your website and course programs.

An accomplishment to share
What we used to tell our friends and colleagues in person, we now share online too. This makes a digital certificate the way for your brand to stay centre of the conversation. More than 20% of learners share their accomplishments on social media and in digital networking communities, sharing your name with thousands of possible new learners, growing your educational brand without spending any of your marketing budget.

A user-friendly online platform for smooth issuing of certificates

Our platform is built with our users in mind, making it simple and smooth to issue certificates to your learners, saving your organisation time, money and manpower.

No special IT skills needed for our user-friendly platform
We set out to create a digital certificate issuing process that’s simpler than what you’re used to with physical certificates. That’s why we’ve built a truly user-friendly platform that anyone can use. In fact, you can start issuing certificates from day one – without the need for unsecure and expensive installations or time-consuming introduction courses.

This means that all members of your team will be able to issue certificates, making your organisation less vulnerable to staff changes and freeing up valuable time for other, more important projects.

Make our certificate your own with a few clicks
Customising certificates to reflect your company’s existing graphic identity is super simple. With a few clicks (yes, really!) you or your graphic designer can add your company logo, tagline, brand promise and all the other details that transform our pre-made certificate to match your organisation’s brand identity.

Give your learners the gift of credibility

Of course, our certificates will benefit your learners as well! A verifiable digital certificate from Diplomasafe is instantly issued and helps them stand out as a credible employee among the fierce competition.

One-click issuing and sharing of credentials boosts visibility
Help your learners stand out in an applicant crowd with a credible and quickly issued certificate that they can easily share, celebrating their new knowledge. Diplomasafe’s digital certificates arrive instantly and can be shared online with just one click, boosting your learners’ credibility and visibility. For instance, did you know that a LinkedIn profile with a degree added to the skills section gets 6 times more views.

Always at hand, always verifiable
With a digital certificate there’s no more paper to store in in an analogue filesystem hidden the basement, where retrieval of documents are difficult and time-consuming. Diplomasafe’s certificates are one-click accessible, simplifying the verification process for learners as well as prospective employers or recruiters, making your learners more trustworthy compared to applicants with non-verifiable certificates.

By the way, should a future employer, recruiter or admission system still rely on paper, all our certificates are easy to download in a pdf version. And don’t worry, they are all verifiable via a QR code or an URL added to the printed version.

A leader in safeguarding digital certificates

We know that the credibility of digital certificates and your trustworthiness as an educational brand rely on our ability to keep documents safe. Having previously worked with and developed the security and privacy layer in NemID, the Danish national digital identity solution, we know how to honour this responsibility.

Stand out as a serious, trustworthy educational brand
More and more non-serious educational businesses pop up each year, diminishing the value of a degree or course. With verifiable and encrypted digital certificates your organisation will stand out in the crowded field of educational brands and qualify as a serious partner for respected educational organisations and companies offering continuing education to their employees.

Your guarantee for safe, secure and encrypted certificates
Diplomasafe are founded by people who worked on the development of NemID, so it’s safe to call us leaders in safeguarding digital information. Our certificate platform is safe, secure and encrypted, underscoring your organisation’s dedication to security and credibility.

Digital certificates – a way to boost savings and go greener

Switching to digital certificates is more than a way to free up time and boost your bottom line – it’s also about saying hello to a more environmentally sound certificate process.

Smarten up with cost-effective digital certificates
Creating, designing, pdf’ing, printing, packing, and sending. Paper certificates might be the way we’ve always done it, but it’s a costly and time-consuming custom. Going digital will simplify the process, save you printing and postage expenses and free up staff time to use on more important and valuable activities.

‘Green up’ your graduation certificate
While paper certificates definitely have a sense of occasion it’s also an environmentally unsound way of doing things. Knowing what we know today about our climate, we at Diplomasafe think it’s about time we ‘green up’ the graduation certificate.

Going digital will not only save on environmentally costly paper production, printing and transportation, it will also brand you as a modern, responsible organisation.

“Citat fra en learner står skrevet her på disse linjer der er flere linjer til det..”
Navn Navnesen

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  • Shareable certificates that grow your educational brand
  • A user-friendly online platform for smooth issuing of certificates
  • Give your learners the gift of credibility
  • A leader in safeguarding digital certificates
  • Digital certificates – a way to boost savings and go greener


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